Conversations with Craps

All of us probably know that trying to learn craps is difficult enough as it is with all those bets to know and all the rules needed to play. Add this to the fact that the game of craps has a language of its own. To truly be a legitimate and bona fide craps player, learn these few terms and start to belong to the world of craps.

While there are many terms and words used, here are some main slang terms in the vocabulary of craps and they are all for numbers. To start off, the number 11 in craps is called yo-leven or simply yo. This is what the craps stickman yells whenever 11 turns up so as to avoid confusion with the 7. Box cars and midnight is what they call the number 12 roll whereas snake eyes is the slang terminology for 2. Ace-deuce means number 3.

Another probably confusing craps terminology is the two ways and three way craps thing. The three way craps is actually a horn bet without the 11. It is three bets rolled into one. One unit each for numbers 2, 3 and 12.

Two ways on the other hand is what you say when you want to bet something for the dealers by splitting your bet into 2, one unit for the dealer and the other for you. The two ways phrase is usually said after making a bet like ‘”Hard 8, two ways” or “Two ways hard 8.” If your bet is $10 then $5 would go to your bet and another $5 would be the craps dealer’s bet. Placing two ways is a sign of courtesy and gratitude to the craps dealers.

Now there’s the deal with the single and double odds. Single odds in craps simply means that your odds bet is the same as your original craps pass or come bets whereas double odds is an odds bet that is 2x your original craps pass or come bets. Sometimes, odds bets can be 5x to even 100x the original bet.

What about place bets to win and place bets to lose? Place bets to win in craps means that the craps player bets that the numbers 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4 will be thrown first before 7. The place bets to win has a house advantage of 6.67% for 4 and 10, 4% on 5 and 9 and 1.52% on 6 and 8.

Place bets to lose on the other hand is the opposite of place bets to win. It wagers that the number 7 will come up first before the other numbers. It has a higher house edge with 1.82% on 6 and 8, 2.5% on 5 and 9, and 3.03% on 4 and 10.

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