A Good Way to Play Crapless Craps

If you are like the average gambler out there, your mind is already set that you will lose in craps. The few wins that you have been able to achieve give you a lot of excitement but after a while, you will then feel that you have to lose.

You will then dismiss all of the money that you have lost as the cost for entertaining yourself and taking the chance to win big. You will then start convincing yourself that if you can just play four hours or even eight hours more than the usual length of time that you already played and you have only lost a reasonable amount of cash, then you will be content and happy.

But there is another option and chance to make some money and not lose it. And that is to avoid the initial excitement of crapless craps.

The usual casino edge in a crapless craps is about four times the usual casino edge in the standard craps game, which is at 5.38% percent to the 1.41% percent. To put it simply, the excitement that the player will have will only last for about 25% percent at a crapless craps if the player will only put down a wager on the pass line wager line. Comparing with the pass line wagers, the added place wagers on a crapless craps game are more in favor to the casino edge.

Placing a three or eleven will produce a 6.25% percent and a 10% percent depending on the rules of the casino. The two or twelve place wagers which is between 7.14% percent and a huge 14.29% percent for the house edge. Based on this statement, a keen sense will tell the player to play the standard craps game. But what if the game is not available when you go into the casino and the only game available is the crapless craps?

A pass and come wager having double odds in a standard craps game has around 0.61% percent casino edge. The same wager with twice the odds in a crapless craps has around 2.02% percent edge which makes it a less interesting wager. It makes putting on a six or eight a less expensive option as the wager has a house edge of about 1.52% percent and has a hit frequency of around seven.

Putting a six or an eight is much preferred for their small house edge of about 1.5% percent. Depending on the size of the wager, getting a four or a ten is a good wager with just a 1% percent casino edge.

But what about the extra place wagers on the crapless games? What will be the wager regarding the 2/12 and the 3/11? As a player might expect, the casino edge regarding a place wagers for this numbers is quite high, which is between 8.5% percent and about 14% percent which depends on the casino.

But on the other hand, putting wagers of about 4/10 has a casino edge of about 6.7% percent. To put it simply, do not put any wagers on the outside numbers but buying on the numbers can bring down the tax on the wins of the players by the casinos.

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