Introducing Some of Craps' Proposition Bets

In the center of the crap layout is a square box displaying pictures of various dice combinations. Each compartment in the box represents a separate proposition bet. They are as follows:

Hard-way Bets The player bets that a particular number will be rolled the "hard" way, for example with doubles, before it is made the statistically more common way, or before a 7 appears. For example, hard-way 4 is rolled with a 2 plus 2. The easy way is 3 plus 1. Hard-way 6 is 3 plus 3. Easy way are 4 plus 2 and 5 plus 1. The odds against hard-way numbers are high, and payoffs are scarcely commensurate with risk. The odds on hard-way 4 and 10 are 8 to 1, with the house paying 7 to 1, an 11 percent advantage. The odds on 6 and 8 are 10 to 1 with the house paying 9 to 1, a 9.1 percent advantage. Advice: Stay away. This is one of the poorest bets in craps.

Any Seven The worst! This bet is that a 7 will appear on the next turn of the dice. The payoff is 4 to 1, which makes the house bite a horrifying 16.7 percent, almost as bad as some of the slots! For Super-Suckers only.

Any Craps The bet is that the next roll will be craps. It is a one-roll bet, like Any Seven, and like Any Seven, the odds are miserable.

Double Six The bettor wagers that the dice will show boxcars, for example two 6s. Pays off at a staggering 30 to 1, but the true odds are 35 to 1, giving the house a 13.9 percent edge.

Double Ace Same principle as Double Six, same odds, and same house percentage. The bet is that snake eyes, for example two 1s, will be rolled.

Eleven The bet here is that 11 will show on the dice. Players get 15 to 1, or 15 for 1. The true odds are 17 to 1. The house edge is 11.9 percent.

Three The bet is that a 3 will appear on the next roll. The odds are 15 to 1, or 15 for 1. The true odds and house advantage are the same for Eleven. Note: The words "to" and "for" as in "15 to 1" and 15 for 1" are definitely not interchangeable. "To" means that the gambler will win the payoff money plus get his original bet back. "For" indicates that the gambler wins only the payoff and does not get his original bet returned. Thus if a casino offers a payoff at 16 for 1, it is just a tricky way of saying 15 to 1.

Big 6 or 8 Another conspicuous section of the crap layout advertises Big 6 and Big 8. The player bets that either an 8 or a 6, whichever one he has his money on, will turn up before a 7. To make this bet is simply silly, mathematically speaking, for statistically 7 appears more frequently than 6 or 8, or any other number, for that matter.

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